Mycogen Minute on KASM

Tune in to KASM Radio as we feature the Mycogen Minute with Mycogen Commerical Agronomist Jon Erickson. Listen for information to help you maintain your crop and to ensure the best possible feed quality for fall harvest.

Week #1 Why is stand quality important and how can it affect your bottom line?


Week #2 The importance of fertility management on the 2018 corn silage crop.


Week #3 – Fungicide applications and how they can improve yield and ROI opportunities.


Week #4 – Setting expectations for corn silage harvest based on in-season evaluations.


Week #5 – Conditions at pollination that contribute to a quality ear.


Week #6 – Monitoring corn silage moisture levels.


Week #7 – Setting up your team for corn silage harvest success.


Week #8 – What you should keep in mind in regards to corn silage storage prior to harvest.


Week #9 – Harvesting corn silage impacted by drought conditions.


Week #10 – Evaluating whole plant moisture and watching nitrate levels.


Week #11 – Harvest update with Mycogen Seeds Commerical Agronomist Jon Erickson.